1. How do I get in touch with SEMdesign?
  2. Who is SEMdesign?
  3. What is the mission of SEMdesign?
  4. What is the vision of SEMdesign?
  5. Will SEMdesign work for you?
  6. Will SEMdesign work for different labels?
  7. What is the Chamber of Commerce number of SEMdesign?
  8. What is de VAT number of SEMdesign?


How do I get in touch with SEMdesign?

+31 (0)6 48 93 72 75

design studio SEMdesign
Varkenmarkt 39
3511BX Utrecht
The Netherlands 

Who is SEMdesign?

SEMdesign was founded in January 2005 by Sylvie van de Loo ('78). In June 2005 SEMdesign moved to the Concordiastraat 68, te Utrecht. Sylvie studied first Interiordesign at the University of Ghent, Belgium, after finishing her degree she moved to Utrecht to study Product Design at the School of the Arts. The first success after her graduation, the 06-string (06- thong), with this product SEMdesign got a lot of publicity in newspapers, in magazines but also on radio and TV. She even had her two minutes of fame in a Dutch tv show called: 'Mooi weer de Leeuw'. SEMdesign speaks a lot in the we-form because of the extensive network she collaborates with.

What is the mission of SEMdesign?

In the vision of SEMdesign there are too much uninspired and uninspiring products being produced all around us. The mission of SEMdesign is to break with this pattern by introducing humor in design. SEMdesign wants to challenge people to look in a different, surprising, and even sometimes irritated way at products. SEMdesign is looking to participate and work with and for people that are open minded and looking for products with a twist that really suit peoples needs and look good. 

What is the vision SEMdesign?

The vision of SEMdesign on product design is that people need to be challenged to look for products that are more distinctive, even though they can be everyday items. It is the 'special' humor in the SEMdesign products that sets them apart from the uninspired regular products. 

Will SEMdesign work for you?

Absolutely, we love to work for you on projects for companies and private persons alike. Email us at info@semdesigns.nl and we can discuss how we can make SEMdesign work for you.

Does SEMdesign work for labels?

SEMdesign loves to work for labels, so help her great design to be further disclosed form the design studio into the lives of consumers.

What is Chamber of Commerce number of SEMdesign?

Chamber of Commerce number: 30216988 - Utrecht

What is SEMdesign VAT number?

VAT number: NL1653.66.709.B01

Ibannr. NL37 RABO 0108 2510 98
Bic/Swift nr. RABONL2U