Open Air Museum, Arnhem, NL

SEMdesign has participated with a project of ARCCI for Open Air Museum in Arnhem, The Netherlands


ARCCI, Arnhem Creative Economy & Innovation Centre (part of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and Hogeschool Arnhem / Nijmegen), under the title Open Minds Open Sources (OMOS) formulated a program in order to achieve an innovative collaboration between designers and producers. The aim is a sustainable form of cooperation in which designers can share their knowledge on various forms of (historical) production. Open Air Museum (NOM) has been approached as a participant in the program because of the interesting position they hold for having the right knowledge.

In consultation with the NOM management a project for designers was formulated.  The aim of   this project is to develop new products and put them into practice in the museum. 

SEMdesign took part in the introduction day and the idea generation day, and together with Jeroen Bomers, they progressed to the second round of selection with their project 'Toolbox'. The sketches have now been presented to the NOM. To be continued ...