Business gift

Communication agency '2 in Beweging'


For the company ‘2 in Beweging’ the Fruit Bowl ‘128’ was made into a business gift. After searching for a suitable business gift ‘2 in beweging’ ended up choosing for the original SEMdesign Fruit bowl ‘128’. The bowl has been personalized by inscribing the companies name in the 128th and final piece of the fruit bowl. 



Client’s reaction:

Working with business gifts when the economy is falling? Yes, please because our customers are loyal to ‘2 in beweging’ and our business keeps growing. The search for the perfect business gift to fit our company ended at SEMdesign. The Fruit Bowl 128 - consisting of 128 slices of cardboard- from Sylvie’s hand inspired us from the moment we saw it. Its shape is characteristic and it is made of well-considered and environmentally friendly material. Moreover… there is movement in the bowl. For its content we certainly don’t only think of fruit. For us this strongly depends on the customer and the project we are doing. ‘Scaling’, is our credo.

Nicolette Biessels, Martin Verspeek, 2 in Beweging