turn me ON

Selling points

Soon in production. Leave your name en mail address behind and we will inform you when and where it's for sale.

To turn this light on you turn it upside down! 

We have used the most environmentally friendly and state of the art technology in the creation of these lamps. LED is the light of the future. 

The lamps are available in different shapes and sizes, varying from x-small to large. 

Large: h.56 cm  x  w.31,5 cm x d.12 cm
Medium: h.48 cm  x  w.35 cm x d.12 cm
Small: h.34 cm  x  w.32 cm x d.12 cm

and we are also working on a smaller one
X-Small: h.26 cm  x  w.25,4 cm x d.12 cm

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